Enjoy a day of Family Fun at A Maze‘N Things Phillip Island

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Phillip Island is the ultimate location for a day trip in Melbourne. Inside this island is the award-winning park A Maze’N Things. This fun-filled theme park has mind-boggling attractions, including optical illusions and interactive displays that promise an immersive experience. Enjoy a game of Maxi Mini-Golf, grapple your way out of The Giant Maze, or look your fear of heights in the eye at The Sky Trail. This amusement park has something for every age to enjoy, making it a perfect destination for a day out with friends and family.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Masks are mandatory for visitors and staff alike.
  • The park is running at a reduced capacity to adhere to social distancing rules.
  • There is contactless entry at the park with check-in on arrival using the Service Victoria QR code.
  • All queues are demarcated to allow for social distancing and are monitored by the staff for the same.
  • Outdoor seating is available for dining where there is regular sanitization of high contact areas.
  • Several sanitizer dispensers points available throughout the park.
  • All through the park high contact areas are regularly sanitized.

Why Visit A Maze'N Things

A Maze'N Things Tickets

If you are not a fan of theme parks with high-intensity roller coasters which get your heart pumping, then A Maze‘N Things is the perfect place for you! This arcade-styled theme park promises a day of whimsical fun.

As most of the activities are indoor, it feels like more of an immersive experience as you escape from the outside world.

You can enjoy a game of mini-golf, find your way out of the 2 km winding maze, or experience the adventurous SkyTrail among many other interactive attractions.

Everyone wanting a piece of A Maze‘N Things is welcome here, barring no age group.

Your A Maze'N Things Ticket Explained

A Maze'N Things Tickets
  • Enjoy a day of fun at A Maze'N Things Phillip Island.
  • The ticket to this theme park is inclusive of all the exhibits in A Maze’N Things.
  • The tickets are valid only for the date selected during checkout.
  • Make sure you double-check this while booking tickets as these are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Discounted A Maze’N Things Ticket

Entry is free for children below the age of 3 years, while children aged 4-15 years can avail of discounts. Discounts are only applicable if a valid ID is displayed. 

Best Way to Buy Tickets to A Maze’N Things

Buying tickets well in advance online is the best way to go. 

  • Advance booking: Since the park is running at a reduced capacity, you can book online and in advance to ensure you visit on the date of your choice. 
  • Safety: You can avoid the queues that form while physically purchasing the tickets. Buying online is recommended since the park is encouraging social distancing as much as possible.
  • Discounts: You may also be able to avail of discounts online that you might not be able to when purchasing on the spot. 

What to do at A Maze’N Things

A Maze'N Things Tickets

Puzzle Island

Put your detective hats on for this zone of the theme park. The puzzle room is sure to boggle your senses and make you second guess your instincts. This zone has the mirror maze, where you bump against your own reflection to find your way out. It has the Shrinking room which plays with perspective to makes you look giant or dwarfed. The other things to do here include the Gravity Room, boogie boards, and treasure hunts.

A Maze'N Things Tickets

Giant Maze

This maze lives up to its name with around 2 km of twists and turns, and frustrating dead ends. This giant maze harbours 4 flags which the players need to collect before getting out of the maze. This puzzle truly tests how calm and collected you can be while trying to figure out the exit path. The feeling of triumph after solving this puzzle though can’t be compared!

A Maze'N Things Tickets

Magic Manor

Dive into the mystical world of Magic Manor where you get to experience interactive magic displays and astounding illusions. The rides here displays here include Time Machine, Flying Chandelier, Disappearing Room, Mysterious Cave, and Magic Rabbits. It not only a treat for children to be lost in this world but grown-ups too! This room truly embodies the spirit of everything you can imagine is real.

A Maze'N Things Tickets

Maxi Mini Golf

As the name suggests, Maxi Mini Golf is a golf course for children and amateur to professional players. Its landscape is constantly changing, making it a challenging and fun experience. You can give Mixi Mini Golf a shot to beat the high score or just to enjoy a few swings on the field. With a bit of luck on your side, you can have the best game of golf of your life.

A Maze'N Things Tickets

Sky Trail

If you like adventure and obstacle courses then this zone is the best for you. Sky Trail is a 10 meter high ropes course that has over 30 different obstacles to go through. Its unique harness and tracking system allows you to choose the level of challenge you are up for. Anyone who enjoys adventurous outdoor activities is sure to love Sky Trail.

Plan Your Visit

Getting there
A Maze'N Things Tickets

The park is open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day.

Best time to visit Phillip Island

The best time to visit Phillip Island is between March and May, and September and November when the weather is pleasant. Since A Maze’N Things is for the most part an indoor theme park, you can visit it during the rainy season as well.

A Maze'N Things Tickets
  • By Car: Phillip Island, where A Maze’N Things is located, is leisurely 90-minute drive south-east of Melbourne. Take the Bass Highway and continue on to Anderson Link road merging into Phillip Island road. Follow the road for about 10 km to reach A Maze’N Things.
  • By Bus: Bus lines 907 and 901 go to Phillip Island. Take the Phillip Island Tourist Road via taxi/car and about 10 km later you will reach A Maze’N Things.
A Maze'N Things Tickets

The park has one cafe called the Puzzle Cafe for visitors to grab quick refreshments. The menu features ice creams, cold drinks, and other desserts such as the raw caramel slice. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items are also available here. You can also bring your own lunch here and enjoy it in the picnic, playground, or outdoor seating areas.

A Maze'N Things Tickets
  • The park is mostly pram friendly and prams are available at request as well.
  • Most of the park is wheelchair accessible and there is a parking space reserved for specially challenged immediately to the right of the entry path.
  • There is no ATM on the premises, however, you can pay for admissions by EFTPOS or credit card.
  • There are ponchos available on request in case it rains and you wanted to enjoy the outdoor maze regardless.

Around Phillip Island

A Maze'N Things Tickets
A Maze'N Things Tickets
A Maze'N Things Tickets

Visitor Tips

  • Visit the island between March and May, and September and November when the weather is pleasant.
  • Buy your tickets online to avoid any hassle and avail of possible discounts.
  • You can take your own food inside so make sure you are well packed for the day.
  • There is no dress code to enter the park. However, it’s suggested you keep in mind that it is a family-friendly zone and dress appropriately.
  • Carry a valid ID to avail discounts available to kids of 4-15 years
  • Make sure you are wearing sunscreen if you visit the park during the summers, to avoid getting sunburnt

All Your Questions about A Maze‘N Things Tickets Answered

Where can I get A Maze’N Things tickets?

You can buy tickets to A Maze’N Things online to avail of possible discounts.

Who can avail of discounted A Maze’N Things tickets?

Children aged 4-15 years can avail of discounts after displaying a valid ID.

Can I cancel my tickets to A Maze’N Things?

The tickets to A Maze’N Things are unfortunately non-cancellable and non-refundable.

How long are my tickets valid for?

The tickets are valid for the day you booked them during checkout.

What can I expect at A Maze'N Things in Phillip Island?

You can expect to experience interactive, fun, and exciting displays, mazes, and games at A Maze'N Things.

Should I book A Maze'N Things tickets in advance?

It’s best to book the tickets to A Maze'N Things in advance to make sure the tickets are not sold out.

What's the best way to experience A Maze'N Things?

You can experience the attraction at A Maze'N Things in any order.

What can I do around A Maze’N Things?

You can visit the Nature Parks and the Chocolate Factory which are near A Maze'N Things.

Is the venue wheelchair-friendly?

Yes, A Maze'N Things is partially wheelchair friendly with a few attractions prohibited because of their inherent structure

What are the A Maze’N Things timings?

A Maze'N Things open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day.