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Phillip Island Nature Parks Penguin Parade Tickets

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  • Treat your eyes to the magical sight of little penguins returning to their burrows at dusk in the world-famous Penguin Parade at Phillip Island.
  • Home to one of the largest penguin colonies in Australia, Phillip Island is located just 90 minutes from Melbourne.
  • Take your kids along and let them learn about wildlife and nature while watching the cute, pint-sized penguins scurry about.
  • Choose to enjoy your parade viewing time on the General Platform, the tiered seating, through an Underground Platform, on a ranger-guided tour, or on a secluded beach!

This ticket offers the following options you can choose from:

  • Penguin Parade General Viewing Ticket
  • Penguin Parade Penguins Plus Ticket
  • Penguin Parade Underground Viewing Ticket
  • Penguin Parade Guided Ranger Tour
  • Penguin Parade Ultimate Penguin Tour
  • The Penguin Parade visitor center currently opens daily at 5pm. The penguins arrive at sunset every evening.
  • We suggest you arrive approximately one hour before penguin's arrival time, check-in at the visitor center, then walk to their viewing area to wait for the penguins.
  • Click here to see the penguin arrival time calendar for estimated penguin arrival times throughout the year.
  • General Viewing and Penguins Plus ticket holders should plan to arrive at least 1 hour before penguin arrival time.
  • Underground Viewing ticket holders should plan to arrive 1 hour before penguin arrival time.
  • Ranger-guided tours each have a specific departure time, so please check your tickets.
  • Note: If you are planning a visit from mid-December to late January, or during a long weekend or the school holiday period, please allow extra travel time as the traffic can get busy.
  • Cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled.

4 Parks Pass - Penguin Parade, Koalas, Churchill Island, Antarctic Journey Tickets

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  • Do not miss out on this iconic, explorative, educative, immersive, and interactive journey through Philip Island's Nature Parks!
  • A mere 90-minute journey from Melbourne's CBD, Philip Island is easily accessible and promises an all-inclusive and enjoyable tour for all ages.
  • Explore Philip Island's rugged beauty, seascape views, and various wildlife attractions with access to 4 of its nature parks.
  • The Penguin Parade's three ticket options (general viewing, penguins plus & underground viewing) for fun interaction with the amazing seabirds.
  • Stroll through lush woodlands and treetop boardwalks at the Koala Conservation Reserve where you'll meet-and-greet adorable koalas, wallabies, echidnas, many bird species, and more.
  • At Churchill Island, you'll get to experience daily heritage farming activities like cow milking, sheep shearing, and whip cracking. Enjoy peeks into the lives of early Australian settlers here.
  • Antarctic Journey promises insight into nature conservation, climate resilience, and the inhabitants of the Southern Ocean to Antarctica!

This ticket has the following options you can choose from:

  • Penguin Parade General Viewing Ticket + Koala Conservation Reserve + Churchill Island + Antarctic Journey
  • Penguin Parade Plus + Koala Conservation Reserve + Churchill Island + Antarctic Journey
  • Penguin Parade Underground Viewing + Koala Conservation Reserve + Churchill Island + Antarctic Journey

Penguin Parade General Viewing Ticket + Koala Conservation Reserve + Churchill Island + Antarctic Journey

  • Penguin Parade viewing from the General Viewing Platform
  • Access to the Koala Conservation Centre
  • Access to Churchill Island
  • Access to interactive experiences at Antarctic Journey

Penguin Parade Plus + Koala Conservation Reserve + Churchill Island + Antarctic Journey

  • Up-close Penguin Parade viewing with tiered seating for a capacity of 250 - 300 people
  • Access to the Koala Conservation Centre
  • Access to Churchill Island Heritage Farm
  • Access to interactive experiences at Antarctic Journey

Penguin Parade Underground Viewing + Koala Conservation Reserve + Churchill Island + Antarctic Journey

  • Eye-level view of the Penguin Parade from an underground viewing platform with a capacity of 70 people
  • Access to the Koala Conservation Centre
  • Access to Churchill Island
  • Access to interactive experiences at Antarctic Journey
  • This ticket cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled

Australia is home to some of the most enchanting wildlife in the world- koalas, and emus. Victoria is home to an endemic species not found elsewhere in the country. At a stone’s throw from Melbourne is Phillip Island, home to a strong colony of the Little Penguins — also the world’s smallest penguins. The iconic Phillip Island penguin parade offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch little penguins emerge from the seas and waddle their way to their burrows. Learn more about getting Phillip Island penguin parade tickets and what to expect!

Why Go for a Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Located 142 kilometers from Melbourne, the journey to Phillip Island offers stunning coastal scenery, sandy beaches, and a rugged coastline. Phillip Island nature parks are teeming with wildlife. You can spot koalas perched above treetops, go on an interactive journey and learn about Antarctica and tour back in time at Churchill Island Heritage Farm - experience sheep shearing and more!

Little penguins are species endemic to the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand. The largest colony of Little Penguins in Australia is in Phillip Island! It's no wonder that Phillip Island is a top choice amongst tourists, who come in droves to see up to 4000 penguins waddle across the beach to their burrows post-sunset.

Growing barely 32 centimetres in height and 43 centimetres in length, little penguins are the smallest of the 18 species of penguins found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Your Phillip Island Penguin Parade Experience

The epic adventure to Phillip Island will acquaint you with the animals found only in Australia. With the Phillip Island penguins tour, you’ll get up close with little penguins. A natural wonder, after sunset each evening, thousands of little penguins put up an incredible show. After spending all day at sea — going as far as 20-100 km into the sea in search of food, these little creatures emerge and dash to feed their young ones waiting inside their burrows. Watching these creatures put up one of the cutest wildlife displays is a sheer delight.

You can see them easily from the platform or get an eye-level view from an underground viewing platform, based on the ticket you have chosen during checkout. Smell, hear and watch penguins feed their fluffy chicks in this Phillip Island day trip.

Your Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets Explained

Best Way to Buy Penguin Parade Tickets

The best way to buy Phillip Island tour tickets is online: you’ll save yourself from standing in a long queue. You get to decide which option works best for you without worrying about the person behind you in line, as is the case with over-the-counter tickets. You can read the inclusions and the exclusions on your ticket before booking a ticket online.

Discounted Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets

Children aged 3 and under go free. However, their tickets need to be booked because of the strict seating capacity. Children aged 4-15 enjoy reduced ticket pricing.

Plan Your Visit to the Penguin Parade

Getting there
Best time to visit
phillip island penguin parade

With penguins arriving daily at sunset, Phillip Island Visitor Center currently opens daily at 5 PM. It is recommended that guests reach the attraction at least 1 hour prior to the penguin arrival time. Please check the timings on the penguin calendar for details regarding the penguin arrival time during the month of your visit.

After checking in at the visitor center, guests can walk to their viewing area to wait for penguin sightings. Please note that the time mentioned on your confirmation voucher is the last check-in time to get ready for Penguin Parade.

Duration: Visitors can expect to spend 50-60 minutes. 

melbourne to phillip island
  • Car: You can drive to Phillip Island. It takes approximately 90-minutes. Add another 20 minutes from San Remo Bridge in Phillip Island to get to Cowes.
  • Bus: There is no direct bus to Phillip Island. Take the V/L line bus services from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne to Koo Wee Rup. Hop on the connecting bus from here to get to Cowes. 
  • Ferry: For a ferry ride to Phillip Island, take a train from Finder’s Street Railway Station to Frankston. Change trains to get to Stony Point. At Stony Point Jetty, board the Inter-Island Ferries passenger catamaran to Cowes Jetty.
  • Parking: There is free car parking on site.
best time to watch penguin parade on phillip island

Being on the South coast of Australia, Phillip Island has a temperate climate. It experiences cold winters and warm summers, with ocean breezes year-round. Be prepared for sudden weather changes here.

Penguins waddle throughout the year around sunset. But from November - April, the island becomes a hotspot for tourists as the number of penguins waddling back to their breeding grounds is high. However, the island receives fewer tourists during the cooler months of May - September. Plan a visit during these months for a reasonable accommodation as compared to peak seasons. 

Skip the peak season crown during mid-December to late January, long weekends, and school holidays period.

What to See Around Phillip Island

Phillip Island receives a footfall of millions of visitors each year to get up close with nature and watch the little penguins waddling. Apart from this, Phillip Island is also home to nature parks that offer wide spaces and trails to wander, hosts various fun activities, and a great place to watch native species in their habitat from many other experiences. Read on to know about the top-things-to-do at Phillip Island.

churchill island

Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Churchill Island is a 19th-century farm in Victoria, connected to Phillip Island by a bridge. The island boasts a range of daily farm activities like sheep shearing, and whip cracking. During the weekdays, Churchill Island Heritage Farm opens from 10 AM to 4:30 PM and from 9 AM to 4:30 PM during the weekends (last entry: 4 PM). Daily activities start at 10:30 am everyday. If you arrive early enjoy the views of the beautiful farm, walk around, see the farm animals and take photos. You can also take one of the walking trails to learn about the Aboriginal culture and view wetland birds.

koala phillip island

Koala Conservation Reserve

Calm your mind and breathe in some fresh air at the Koala Conservation Reserve. Stroll tree-top boardwalks to meet the koalas who call our Koala Conservation Reserve home. View them in their natural habitat and learn about their lives. Look out for the abundant colorful birds, wallabies, and echidnas. It remains open daily, except during Christmas, from 10 am to 4.30 pm (last entry to the boardwalk: 4 pm).

phillip island australia

The Nobbies Centre

The Nobbies Centre is an ecotourism attraction located at Point Grant, Phillip Island, where you can learn about the animals that live between Phillip Island and Antarctica. Currently, it is open on weekdays from 10 am to 4.30 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm, and access to the roads leading to the Nobbies Centre is closed before sunset. Check out the interactive Lab, with sustainable seafood options, Whale Racer, Research Zone, and more! Dive deep into the Southern Ocean in our immersive theatre and experience what it’s like to be up close with these wondrous creatures.

Visitor Tips

  • Phillip Island is a top pick amongst visitors, so plan your trip and accommodation on a weekday — and well ahead of time — to enjoy this slice of paradise. Avoid national and school holidays. 
  • The weather at Phillip Island can be unpredictable throughout the year. Carry a windcheater or a raincoat. 
  • To get the best view to watch waddling little penguins, book your seats in advance. You can pick from a number of different ticket options.
  • An expert guide gives an informative presentation about the little penguins at the venue. If you are visiting with children, don’t miss out on it and book the guided tour.
  • Photography is prohibited at the Phillip Island Penguin Parade since penguins have sensitive eyes and are easily disoriented. If you wish, you can take back a souvenir from the store, as a memory of your visit.
  • The viewpoint along the Nobbies boardwalk, over the famous blowhole, offers a breathtaking view of the Bass Strait. 
  • With attractions operating under limited capacity, visitors are requested to book their slots in advance by purchasing their tickets online. Make sure to keep your tickets handy as you might need to show them to gain access to the attractions.
  • To ensure a smooth and safe experience, visitors are requested to follow safety precautions, which include wearing a mask in some of the indoor areas of the park. As per the visitor guidelines, all visitors who are 18 years or older must be fully vaccinated or show a medical exemption to gain entry to the attractions.

All Your Questions About Phillip Island Penguin Parade Answered

Where can I get Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets?

You can book your Phillip Island penguin tickets online or over-the-counter at the venue through a cashless transaction. It is recommended to book your tickets in advance to ensure you don’t miss out. You might have to wait in long queues for over-the-counter tickets.

Can I buy Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets online?

Yes, you can buy Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets online. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance.

Is the Phillip Island Penguin Parade worth seeing?

Phillip Island nature parks penguin parade is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see little penguins, the smallest species of penguins. Barring Australia and New Zealand, these species are not found anywhere else in the world.

What else can I do on Phillip Island?

Go on a Phillip Island tour. You can explore nature parks or sign up for paid and free family activities here. The island offers a host of activities. Watch species endemic to Australia, learn about Aboriginal culture, surf in the blue waters, bask in the idyllic beaches, go on cycling or walking trails, go whale searching, or more. The options are endless.

What are the timings for Phillip Island Penguin Parade?

With penguins arriving daily at sunset, Phillip Island Visitor Center currently opens daily at 6 PM. View the penguin arrival time calendar for estimated penguin arrival times throughout the year.

Can my Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets be canceled?

It depends on the kind of Phillip Island Penguin Parade Ticket you book. Please check the ticket details at the checkout page while booking.

What is the validity of my Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets?

Phillip Island penguin ticket is valid only for the day and time slot mentioned in your ticket.

Is the Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tickets wheelchair accessible?

The venue is wheelchair-accessible. A complimentary wheelchair is available on request. Additionally, the venue has parking and toilets for people with special needs. People with disabilities can enjoy a designated viewing area right next to a path of penguins.

Is Phillip Island Penguin Parade COVID-safe?

Phillip Island Penguin Parade is following every guideline laid out by the government. Every staff is informed about following hygiene practices. Floor spacing stickers are in use to remind visitors to maintain social distancing. Hand sanitizers are available for visitors at all counters and service points.

What should I wear to Phillip Island Penguin Parade?

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and footwear to Phillip Island Penguin Parade. Carry a warm jacket or a windcheater as it can get breezy in the evenings.

Is the Phillip Island penguin tour suitable for children?

Phillip Island penguin parade is suitable for all ages.