Things to do in Phillip Island

Things to do in Phillip Island

Situated just 78 miles south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is one of Australia’s most gorgeous tourist attractions. This natural paradise is home to a range of unique species such as penguins, koalas, and fur seals. With idyllic beaches and fascinating wildlife at every turn, there’s no shortage of things to do in Phillip Island. You can also hop aboard one of the coastal cruise boats and go seal-spotting near the southwestern coast. If you are looking for an exquisite weekend getaway that is perfect for the entire family, look no farther than Phillip Island!

Things to do in Phillip Island

All the activities and experiences in Phillip Island can be divided into two main categories: Nature Parks and Attractions. Read on to know more about what to expect when you visit Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Nature Parks

Owing to the rich biodiversity of the area, it is no surprise that many activities on Phillip Island are closely intertwined with the local wildlife. Here are the Phillip Island Nature Parks that are a must-visit:

things dto do in phillip island - penguin parade

Penguin Parade:

The adorable penguins of Phillip Island follow a rather consistent daily routine. They head out to find food during the day and march back to their nests at sunset. Watching these flightless birds waddle back to their homes at twilight is an extraordinarily beautiful sight. The Phillip Island Nature Park has been rated one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world. You can see the marching penguins from a special viewing platform near the beach. The Penguin Parade visitor centre opens at 4 PM, but you might not be able to see the penguins immediately on arrival.

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phillip island nature parks

Koala Conservation Reserve

Regarded as one of Australia’s most iconic marsupials, the native Koalas attract thousands of tourists to the continent each year. The Koala Conservation Reserve on the island gives visitors a chance to watch the protected koalas roam about in eucalyptus groves. The interlinked treetop boardwalks can get you up close and personal with these amazing creatures. Go on a guided Koala Eco-Explorer Tour and learn about the fragile habitats of Koalas in Australia. The reserve is open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, with the last entry at 4 PM.

Phillip Island Nature Parks
Antarctic Journey phillip island

Antarctic Journey

Antarctic Journey takes visitors on an interactive virtual tour of Antarctica and its surrounding oceans. Witness the fascinating lives of the creatures that inhabit this cold and harsh terrain. The ‘Antarctic Chill Zone’ allows you to compare the thermal image of your body with that of an Emperor penguin. Antarctic Journey is a fabulous educational experience for kids as well. The entire multimedia experience is made all the more intriguing with cutting-edge AR technology. The centre is open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, with the last entry at 3:45 PM.

things to do in phillip island

Churchill Island

Churchill Island takes you back to an era of horse-drawn carts and traditional farmhouses. This picturesque paradise offers unparalleled sights of the ocean and the beach alongside old cottages and lawns. As a British settlement during the Victorian age, the island is connected to Phillip Island via a bridge. The 57-acre island consists of wetlands, gardens adjoining quaint rural homes, and Moonah tree groves. The island market is an excellent place to shop for fresh vegetables, fruit, and cheese. Churchill Island is open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, with last entry at 4 PM.

Phillip Island Attractions

Be it relaxing cruises, quirky experiences, or even something as enchanting as a chocolate factory, Phillip Island has many attractions that are suited to the family. Here are a few attractions that you should definitely consider visiting:

amazen things phillip island

A Maze’N Things

A theme park that abounds in a host of exciting attractions including illusions, puzzles, displays of magic, and adventure sports, A Maze’N Things is amongst Phillip Island’s top attractions. On your visit to ‘Magic Manor’ inside the theme park, you will find time machines, floating chandeliers, and rooms that disappear unexpectedly. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the 10-meter high rope course at the Sky Trail is worth exploring. After a long day of exhausting and fun activities, Puzzle Cafe is the best place to catch a refreshing milkshake, coffee, or snacks. The theme park is open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week.

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phillip island chocolate factory

Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory is a paradise of epic proportions for those with a sweet tooth. Sample a range of delightful sugary treats as you stroll through this massive complex dedicated to chocolate. You even have the option to make your very own type of chocolate! Treat yourself to Panny’s legendary hand-made Belgian chocolate and learn the secrets behind the production process of your favourite snack. The chocolate factory is open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week, with the last entry at 4 PM.

things to do in phillips island

Cadillac Canyon at San Remo

Situated on the far side of Bore Beach, Cadillac Canyon is frequently rated one of the best photography spots in Phillip Island. This basalt reef is beset with deep gorges and canyons that have been shaped by the tide over millennia. Watching the water fill the canyon before receding is a truly mesmerizing experience. Besides Cadillac Canyon, the seaside town of San Remo has several other tourist sites as well. You can find great local cuisine at the pubs and cafes in town. San Remo pier is a hotspot for pelicans, making it an exquisite attraction for bird watchers and animal lovers.

phillip island bridge

Phillip Island Bridge

Phillip Island is linked to the Australian mainland by a single bridge known as the Phillip Island Bride, also known as the San Remo Bridge. The opening of the bridge in 1971 marked an important positive shift in the island’s accessibility and popularity. You can catch breathtaking views and photographs of San Remo, rocky seaside cliffs, and coastal settlements from the bridge. Pelican-spotting and fishing are particularly popular pastimes here. The bridge remains open throughout the day.

cape woolamai australia

Cape Woolamai

With diverse wildlife and stunning beaches, Cape Woolamai is the crown jewel of Phillip Island. Treading on the pristine golden sand of Woolamai’s surf beach is an unforgettable joy. If you do not intend to spend too much time surfing, you should consider going on the beautiful coastal walking trails of the Cape Woolamai Circuit. These include the 4 km-long Pinnacles Walk, Old Granite Quarry Walk, and Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk. The trails are compact and do not require any prior trekking experience.

things to do in phillip island

Wildlife Coast Cruises

Phillip Island boasts several enthralling cruises including the Seal Watching Cruise, Twilight Cruise, and Cape Woolamai Cruise. The flagships Brianna Lee and Kasey Lee are large catamarans operated by an experienced and welcoming onboard crew. Besides a licensed bar and complimentary appetizers, the Twilight Cruise offers a romantic sunset experience. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the Seal Watching Cruise and the seasonal Whale Cruise are enjoyable tours.

Phillip Island Grand Prix

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Visitor Centre and Go-Karts

This 4.45 km circuit offers a classic Go Karting experience that overlooks the picturesque Bass Straight. You can pick either the Tandem karts or the individual lap experience. For Grand Prix enthusiasts, the guided circuit tour allows visitors to set foot in the race control centre, media centre, and even the winner’s podium! Challenge your friends to a race at one of the race simulators or on the four-lane GP slot track. The visitor centre here is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays. On weekends, the centre is open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Clip ‘n Climb Phillip island

Clip ‘n Climb

Although Phillip Island is best known for its exciting outdoor attractions, Clip ‘n Climb is an equally amazing indoor climbing space. The interactive Game Wall is the prime highlight at Clip ‘n Climb. Using cutting-edge augmented reality, this wall is geared to make rock climbing a fun, safe, and unique experience for the whole family. You are free to choose a climbing route that suits your skill level and body type. Clip ‘n Climb opens at 10 AM from Monday to Sunday during Australia’s school holidays. During the school term, the attraction opens at 10 AM from Friday to Sunday. No climbs will be allowed after 4 PM.

Things to do in Phillip Island: FAQs

What are the best things to do in Phillip Island for kids?

The Chocolate Factory on Phillip Island is a top attraction for kids.

What are the best things to do in Phillip Island for families?

Watching the Penguin Parade or visiting the Koala Conservation Center can be a fun and insightful experience for the entire family.

What are the best things to do in Phillip Island for couples?

Going on Wildlife Coast Cruises or exploring Churchill Island are great ways for couples to spend time on Phillip Island.

What are the cheapest things to do in Phillip Island?

A Maze N’ Things and the Chocolate Factory have inexpensive activities and attractions that are still quite enjoyable for kids.

What are some Phillip Island attractions that are a must-see?

Cape Woolamai, Antarctic Journey, and the Penguin Parade are must-see attractions at Phillip Island.